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*Fairy Tales – in english! (Zeitfenster)

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Our Fairy Tales for english speaking audiences: Enjoy two of our  beloved "Grimmis" – played by two actors each.

Snow White

As white as snow, as red as blood and as black as the stepqueen’s soul… A tale of falsehood, lies, jealousy, vanity and beautiful murders. We present to you a journey with a tender child in the snow with seven – questionable – dwarfs. It’s a jam-packed classic that holds nothing back! Fantastically, this fairytale brings together chaotic poetry, grotesque absurdity and quirky comedy with untamed savageness into an unbelievable –  though almost real – twilight. Don’t oversleep and miss the most beautiful nightmare that has ever been dreamt!

Starring Samia Chancrin and Anne Welenc

Little Red Riding Hood

Imagine a dapper gal, innocently walking. Let’s be honest, what could possibly go wrong, right?
Well, just between you and me, we were told not to show this fairytale to children. Upset parents had too much explaining to do to their prying (and crying) offspring. Read out loud, it can be properly uplifting – because, whatever the reader thinks when reading it, stays in his head. But acted out! – it starts to become volatile. For the wolf has only one thing on his mind: … –
Yes, exactly, the grandmother. What’s it that you were thinking? And how does he devour her in her bed? We gladly act it out for you. No one, not even our audience, walks out of this fairytale as maidenly free from sin as one entered.
Let our Little Red Riding Hood lead you into temptation. Let yourself be led astray and discover the wolf inside of you!

Starring Samia Chancrin and Vlad Chiriac

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Sunday, 16 Dec, 2018, 7pm

Sunday, 30 Dec, 2018, 7pm

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